JavaOne: San Francisco here we come!!!

This year me and my JHUG-buddy Panos will be attending JavaOne which is held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

I’m very excited since JavaOne is the flag-ship of all Java related conferences and probably one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) conferences in the world for software developers. Moreover it’s a celebration where people from all over the globe:

  • come together in one of the most beautiful cities in the US,
  • get high quality sessions from domain experts
  • exchange experiences, ideas and their vision for the Java platform and
  • network with their idols and with each other.

There are several sessions I’m eagerly looking forward to attending like:

  • “The Java™ Platform Portlet Specification 2.0 (JSR 286)” by Stefan Hepper (WebSphere Portal Server)
  • “Asynchronous Ajax for Revolutionary Web Applications” by Jean-François Arcand (Grizzly)
  • “The JavaScript™ Programming Language for Enterprise Application Scripting: Five Years of Experience” by Olivier Modica
  • “Comet: The Rise of Highly Interactive Web Sites” by Alex Russell (Dojo)
  • “JavaScript™ Programming Language: The Language Everybody Loves to Hate” by Roberto Chinnici (Phobos)

We have planned our visit so we can also participate in CommunityOne, one day before JavaOne, where there will be many interesting sessions concerning:

  • Projects and Strategy
  • Linux Communities
  • Databases: MySQL, postgreSQL
  • Web and Application Servers: GlassFish, Apache
  • Scripting and Rich Internet Applications (RIAs): PHP, Python, Ruby, Javascript, JavaFX, AJAX, jMaki
  • Tools and IDEs: NetBeans, Eclipse
  • Next Generation Web Applications
  • Web Scale Computing
  • … and much more

You still have time to join us…

Here is the opening video from last year’s JavaOne:


5 thoughts on “JavaOne: San Francisco here we come!!!

  1. The GlassFish team is considering a party/get-together Sunday afternoon. At The Moscone. Would you be able to join us? If so, can you ping me (eduardo) and Alexis so we can reserve you a T-shirt, etc? – eduard/o

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