Facebook stats for Greece

My friend Panagiotis pointed out this interesting post about how you could use the Facebook’s online ad builder interface to get all sorts of interesting statistics.

Since I have a couple of hours until my movie begins I thought it’d check out some numbers regarding the adoption of Facebook in Greece. It feels like everybody you know is in Facebook nowadays so lets see:

There are 183,840 Greeks from which the 56,060 are males, the 57,560 are females (almost 50/50) and the rest haven’t specified their sex.

There are only 40 minors and about 1,740 that have stated that are over 60 years old (!)

While trying to get some work related info I came to conclusion that most of my compatriots are reluctant to enter details about where they work. There is really not that much data. A similar tool for LinkedIn would have been much more interesting.

Finally, since we all know that many people use Facebook for dating/flirting, it interesting to see that only 28,040 members have stated that they are single and 30,920 have said that they are in some kind of relationship or have a more formal commitment. Again the majority is reluctant to give out private information. Little do they know…


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