Google Maps Article on Dr. Dobb’s Journal

wordpress-map-post.jpgSince most traditional periodical print publications like magazines and newspapers have moved much of their content to the web using portals and RSS feeds, I have only a couple of print subscriptions. One of those, which I have for many years is for Dr. Dobb’s Journal. This magazine continues to be the only software engineering publication based on “real solutions” for “real problems” by “real programmers” (the readers). I mean, these days it is easy to find experimental solutions to fictional problems all over the blogosphere but in most cases these POCs have little to do with the real world. Many times solutions proposed in blogs don’t scale or don’t work as they are supposed to. Traditionally DDJ is about people who have built something that works in their professional life and spent the time to share their experience with the rest of us.

So having built a Google Map application back in April ( , I’ve spent the time writing a short article describing the process and the practical issues. It has been published in this months issue (December 2007) and you can find it either buy getting a subscription or by visiting the online version here.


One thought on “Google Maps Article on Dr. Dobb’s Journal

  1. After reading this article, I downloaded and played GoogleEarth. Yes, it makes it easier to embed maps in web pages.

    After getting a bit acquainted with KML, I recognize that the main contribution in your article is to use XSLT to generate JavaScript. That relieves the client computer from parsing XML. GoogleEarth requires pretty fast computers and good network bandwidth, more than what is currently required for web navigation.

    However, one sentence in says that “Just as web browsers display HTML files, Earth browsers such as Google Earth display KML files.” Indeed, KML provides for NetworkLink elements that can load more data from remote servers using HTTP. Apparently, that introduces a new kind of web. For the time being (KML 2.1 and 2.2beta) JavaScript doesn’t show up there.

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