Comparing with PeekYou, Spock, Whoisi, YoName &

I think does pretty well 🙂

PeekYou. FAIL!


Spock. FAIL!


Whoisi. FAIL!


YoName. FAIL!

yoname FAIL!

explode delivers!!!



7 thoughts on “Comparing with PeekYou, Spock, Whoisi, YoName &

  1. > Dionysios Stavropoloulos: Who is this dude?!?

    Αυτό το παιδί ήταν μαζί μου στο στρατό, LOL

  2. @Dionysios Synodinos

    the point is that peekyou,spock,wink and so on have info stored and those guys just doing u a favor of doing a “google search” for you

  3. @Pavel

    IMHO the point is not the technical implementation but what service provides useful information. PeekYou, Spock, Whoisi, YoName & failed to provide with any useful information whereas delivered. I’m not advocating on its technical elegance or say it carries any technological breakthrough, I’m just saying it is useful. Plz see the user comments on that:

    Storing data or using a super-duper framework/technology doesn’t make a service suck less if it is worthless 🙂

  4. I don’t care if snitch stores data on its server or looks for data on other peoples’ server. All I care is that it works. As an end user I don’t care about the underlying technology or implementation, all I care about is to do what it is supposed to be doing.

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