Bye bye Internet Explorer 6

Since attaining a peak of about 95% usage share during 2002 and 2003, Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) has been rapidly losing market share. As the end of 2008 approaches, significant online services, vendors and web frameworks are dropping support for IE6 (Apple, 37signals, etc.)! Will this (finally) year be the end of IE6..?

Includes original quotes by:

  • Douglas Crockford, senior JavaScript Architect at Yahoo and creator of JSON
  • John Resig, who is a JavaScript Evangelist for Mozilla and creator jQuery
  • Dylan Schiemann, CEO of SitePen and co-creator of Dojo
  • Jeffrey Zeldman author of several books on web design and co-founder of the Web Standards Project


2 thoughts on “Bye bye Internet Explorer 6

  1. IE6 still has 16-18% of the market share. It probably won’t be until the end of 2009 that developers can really start to ignore IE6 completely. With Windows 7, and things like Chrome, FF3, etc. it should be around 8% by then (which is acceptable to me, because if you build a site during that time and spend time screwing with IE6, 6 months after you build it IE6 will be like 4%, and you’ll have wasted your time.).

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