HTML Refactoring #n: Replace Flash with HTML (and grass is green)

At the JavaOne bookstore I got my hands on a book by Elliotte Rusty Harold about HTML refactorings. As I was skipping through contents I noticed the following refactoring:

Replace Flash with HTML: Convert Flash sites to HTML. Provide pure- HTML alternatives for Flash content.

… and it followed:

Flash is extremely inaccessible. I most cases a Flash site might as well be a black box to blind users, and is often hostile to color-blind, deaf and motion impaired users as well…

It is not a secret that I have a bias opinion when it comes to Flash/Flex and I’m happy that there other people also that are immune to this hype.

Of course the lift of the restrictions regarding the SFW/FLV spec was a very positive think on behalf of Adobe and I hope they keep it up!


2 thoughts on “HTML Refactoring #n: Replace Flash with HTML (and grass is green)

  1. I hope my competitors go the flex and flash route.

    They’ll disappear from the search engines so I’ll win the SEO war without a fight It’s a perfect suicide weapon for clueless large corporations and nonprofits.

  2. I agree 100% with you. Flash is the worst thing in the web when it comes to usability. I hope they will stop using it to display written information. On the other hand they get punished by Google when they use Flash, although I am a sinner giving consultations on how to do SEO “friendly” flash implementations…

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