Java Rockstars Panel @ JavaOne

A few hours ago I attended the “Java Rockstars Panel”, a press only event with:

I will try to summarize some key points:

  • This year is about Java on the client, the ubiquity of the platform and the energy of the community.
  • Tim Bray likes JavaScript’s ubiquity 🙂
  • Fact of life: Ruby and Python are (almost) as old as Java (chronologically
  • Alternative (scripting) languages that will be able to run on the JVM with automatically increase their potential user base
  • “People love the Web platform because it has no platform vendor” – Tim Bray
  • Having no real specs for dynamic languages (except JavaScript) makes it hard for people trust them.

One thought on “Java Rockstars Panel @ JavaOne

  1. I freakin’ hate JavaScript. The only reason we tolerate it is because there is really nothing we can do about it. We are stuck with it. Its a monopoly with no vendor.

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