Developers ask, Adobe hears: Flex going open source

In older posts (or rather comments) I have mentioned that one of the biggest turn-offs for me regarding Flex was the fact that it was completely proprietary and closed… water-tight!

It seems that I wasn’t the only one with a problem so I just found out that Adobe plans to release source code for Flex as open source!

I don’t know how well this will work but it looks promising and as Yakov Fain mentions on his blog “there is already a decent number of developers who are interested in Flex and Adobe hopes that open sourcing Flex will bring more developers on board


2 thoughts on “Developers ask, Adobe hears: Flex going open source

  1. We are using flex for the UI in some of our corporate apps. I love it because it make building a sexy UI very easy and painless. Also since Actionscript 3 is really just ECMA script (i.e. close enough to javascript) then it is very fun to code.

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