Hi, world. I’m the coauthor of “Pro HTML5 and CSS3 Design Patterns” by Apress and “The Essential Guide to HTML5 and CSS3 Web Design” by FRIENDS OF ED.

I’ve been a past member of the W3C HTML Working Group and former Lead Editor for HTML5/JavaScript for InfoQ, where I also wrote about the JVM platform. I was the Research Platform Lead at C4Media, and moved on to Head of R&D — the position I currently holds.

Going back and forth between server-side programming, front-end design, and product management for almost two decades, I’ve been involved in diverse software projects and contributed to different technical publications and standards committees.

You can contact me on Twitter, GithubFacebook or LinkedIn.

Name Etymology

Dio -> Dionysios -> Dionysus  /daɪ.əˈnaɪsəs/ dy-ə-ny-səs (Ancient Greek: Διόνυσος, Dionysos) was the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness and ecstasy in Greek mythology.

Presentations, Interviews, Media


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Specifications / Committees

Reviewer for Technical books

Reviewer for Academic Journals

  • Special issue of IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, Part A: Systems and Humans, “M-services – Web Services for the Wireless World”
  • International Journal of Mobile Communications (IJMC), Summer 2003, Inderscience Enterprises Ltd

Technical Magazines