Will be attending this year’s QCon in London

From the 11th to14th of March this year I will be visiting London to participate in QCon 2008. It will be my first QCon but I have high expectations. First of all the organization of the event is done by InfoQ which is a well known and valuable source of information on enterprise software, and by the JAOO people, which organize some of the coolest conferences on software technology. Also the list of speakers is quite impressive, for example you have people like M. Fowler, Erich Gamma, Kent Beck, Rod Johnson, Neal Gafter and many others that are the crème de la crème of software engineering. Finally I’ve found many sessions that I would like to participate in so I guess I’ll have 3 days packed with presentations.

If you are also participating in QCon 2008, feel free to drop me a line or contact me directly at the venue.

tags: qcon, qcon2008, qconlondon


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