(Got blogtagged) 5 things you didn’t know about me

For those who might not know it, there is a game called “blogtagging” going around the blogosphere in which bloggers are sharing five things about themselves that relatively few people know, and then “tag” other bloggers to continue in turn.

I’ve been blogtagged by ppkp so here’s 5 things you (probably) didn’t know about me:

  1. I have a black female Standard Schnauzer, that keeps my feet warm whenever I have to spend a cold night working in my home office. Her name is Frida and she has a marvelous temperament.
  2. More than a year has passed since I finished my military service, something that adult men in Greece are obliged by law to do for 12 months. During that period I had basic training in Patras in the Technical Corps, served in Kos island (few miles from Turkish shores – 80 ΑΔΤΕ), got transferred to the “School for Technical Corps Officers” (ΣΤΕΑΤΧ) and finally ended up serving in staff of the Minister of defense (ΕΠΥΕΘΑ) just a few blocks from my home.
  3. Although it sometimes gets difficult, I try to have a healthy life-style. I don’t smoke, I rarely drink alcohol or coffee and most of the times I prepare my lunch from home and take it with me. Also I train with weights about 3 times every week and occasionally with kick boxing, rafting, latin/ballroom dancing.
  4. I am the type of person that keeps notes, schedules meetings, holds to-do lists and never misses contact information. Therefore since 1999 I daily use a PDA to manage all this information. This year I switched to Palm Treo 680 which is a marvelous device.
  5. In 2004 we got together with 3 of my friends and married the 4th one from the gang. People at the wedding where surprised to see 3 best-men… especially considering our outgoing nature. For a single guy back then, marrying a best friend sure changes the way he views life…

Now I pass the ball to Thodoros G. Karounos, Dimitris Andreadis and Spiros Tzavellas and Andreas Andreou

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