Quickie: The latest article got linked from java-champions.dev.java.net… wow!

This post serves as a notice that the previous one (What happened during the “Java Developer Days in Athens” event) is (at the movement) mentioned in the front page of Java Champions page.

This is an honor and a surprise since I didn’t expect to get such an attention. This event was the 2nd one by Reginald’s team I have participated in, and since I have enjoyed it I though it would be nice to share with the rest of the community of java developers.

If you don’t know yet what “Java Champions” are, it is group of influential Java leaders that through a nomination process have been selected for their outstanding contribution to the Java community. They are about 70 around the world and you can find a bit more about this group from this excellent post from Yakov Fain regarding his nomination. BTW if you are a developer and haven’t subscribed to Yakov’s articles then you are missing some of the most insightful free material available on the web today.

Finally I would like to mention that we are lucky in Greece to have our own Java Champion living in Crete, Dr. Heinz Kabutz. His “Java Specialists’ Newsletter” is for notorious for its rather unconventional insights about Java; “make Java do things you thought it could not” 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Quickie: The latest article got linked from java-champions.dev.java.net… wow!

  1. Thanks Dionysios…

    We really liked your notes about the Developer Day event in Athens. BTW Yakov Fain mentioned above was a speaker at last year’s Java Champions BOF session at JavaOne. His talk was entitled: “Be a Java Leader”. There is picture of Yakov along with the other Java Champions Here:
    One day, we hope to see more Champion(s) from the Greek Java Community as well..Thank again…And Well Done!

    Aaron Houston
    Program Coordinator
    Java User Groups
    Java Champions
    Technology Outreach
    Sun Microsystems, Inc
    Menlo Park, Ca

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