“This is number one and the fun has just began…”

This first post is a small summary of the basic principles that this blog will be based on:

  • This blog will elaborate on things like the craft of development, evolution of the Web, emerging trends in IT and the culture behind all that. I will try to draw content from personal experience, the blogosphere and publications I read. From time to time I will share my thoughts on events I participate or relative products I use.
  • It is my intention to avoid bitching and non productive criticism. Since there are a lot more cynical people than me blogging, I find little value to it.
  • Because I find it easier to think with shapes rather than text, sometimes post will be plain diagrams: UML, mind maps, etc.
  • One of the things that tires me in reading blogs is the plain propagation of industry news without the addition of original content. What is the worth of all those blog entries that inform that product “X” is out? It is annoying to find the same “New java is out!!” post in more than half of the blogs I follow. There are more reliable sources for this kind of information than personal blogs.
  • I will try not to use the incoherent writing style of most blogs: A piece must have a beginning, a main body and a graceful exit.
  • This will be a low volume blog. I will not post regularly just for the heck of it. I will try to respect the time a reader spends in this blog and provide him with something worth of his preference.

All the above information is subject to change blah blah…

BTW the title of this post is from the lyrics of an infamous BESTanthem”… sang in 74 universities around Europe.


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